Hiking, Mountain Biking Trails, and Disc Golf

Closed During The Winter Season

Bridge leading to the trails at GLMRD

The Grand Lake Metro Rec District offers over 15 miles of scenic & dog-friendly hiking trails.  Trails range from beginner to advanced and meander through lodgepole pine forests, among lush wetlands, and along the Colorado River.  Many different species of plants and wildlife thrive here, due in part to the unique and biologically diverse habitat types and ecosystems.  Habitat types include mixed conifer forests, aspen groves, willow carrs, kettle ponds, high elevation wetlands, and riparian zones along the Colorado River. See below for the trails map.

While all trails are mixed use, some trails have a mountain biking focus: Rock n Roll, Moose Meander, and Eagle.

Rock n Roll is new for 2020 and features a number of rollers.  You can find it near the main trail head.

Moose Meander was built in 2019 and designed for beginner and family mountain biking.  It is .75 mile long loop and is fun to ride in both directions (I prefer clockwise).

Eagle was built in 2019 and is for riders with some experience.  It features steeper hills, banked turns, and even an occasional small jump or drop.  

Eagle has just been expanded!  Find the new section on the lower part of the north west side of the ridge.

Find all of these trails on the map HERE.

We are excited to announce that our new 9-Hole Disc Golf Course is now open and ready to play!  Keep in mind that this is an ongoing project and we are constantly improving the course and it’s conditions.  It is completely free and starts at the main trailhead.  We have Innova and DGA golf discs and bags available for sale in the golf shop at the golf course.

Find the Disc Golf Course Map HERE.

Be aware of downed, leaning and falling trees.  Melting snow creates very moist soil: the perfect condition for both dead and live trees to fall.  Lodgepole pine have very shallow roots, so take caution, especially on windy days when trees fall more frequently.  Also watch out for wildlife: bears are emerging hungry from hibernation, and moose and elk are calving, making the females exceptionally dangerous as they defend their young.  When all else fails, DON’T MESS WITH THE MOOSE!!

Many species of wildlife can be found here, including:

Moose, elk, mule deer, coyote, fox, river otter, black bear, mountain lion, lynx, bobcat, pine marten, ermine, porcupine, skunk, snowshoe hare, cottontail rabbit, jack-a-lope, golden-mantled ground squirrel, least chipmunk, raccoon, beaver, chorus frog, garter snake and many species of birds and insects.

GLMRD is now on eBird!  To check it out, go to http://eBird.org and go to the Hotspot Grand Lake Metropolitan Recreation District.  If you’d like to help by entering your own bird counts, please do so, but be careful to only enter bird species that you or someone knowledgeable about birds has 100% positively identified the species.  Just enter your info under the GLMRD location and it will count.  Let’s get the word out that Grand Lake is for the birds!