Grand Lake Ladies’ Golf – Nine Hole Club

The Nifty Niners 9-hole Club is a golfing group for women of all skill levels. We play nine holes of golf each Tuesday morning, offer a fun experience on the course, and lasting friendships off the course.

Our season begins in May with the opening of the Grand Lake Golf Course.  We usually play an informal “Show & Go” game until the regular season begins with the opening luncheon and a tournament with The Lakers (our 18-hole group) but because of COVID, we will not be having an opening lunch but maybe we will be able to have a closing lunch if restrictions are lifted.

We play on Tuesdays, following the 18-Hole Ladies’ Club, late-May through mid-September.

Come and join us as a guest and see how golfing can enhance your life in so many ways. We would love to meet you. For more information, please contact Jane at or 303-319-1552.

(Women’s Nine Hole Club) 2021 Nifty Niners Application